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Us, with friends, on a sunny morning at a Bavarian beach

Today we are taking care of blogging, Coco & Mascarpone.

The other day we had to get up super early and were given no breakfast.

That would be a bad sign on a rainy morning, if it is a sunny day it is great news, because it means SWIMMING into the day.

On that very morning we took our friends Duffy, Finn, Ronja and Yogi. Or they took us, as you wish.

Yogi (the biggest one, in cream color and with short hair) is new to the gang and it was his first time swimming.

He grew up in Calabria and is Austrian now. Calabria is a very hot place in Italy, with no such lakes like here in the Alps.

So we were all curious how he would be doing.

And he did great, but see yourselves, here are our best shots of that splash morning:

We are not adding photos of ourselves, you find us swimming in the Instagram feed board of Pinterest.

Yours, Coco & Mascarpone

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