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Swimming with dogs

Dear dog lovers and followers,

Today some thoughts and pics on swimming.

Even though we haven't had a lot of summer in Austria so far, we try to be out at and in the lakes whenever the weather invites us to do so. And each and every year I observe the same, with a tendency towards worse: dogs not capable or not allowed to enter a lake for swimming on their own, with more and more dog parents afraid of supporting them to do so and sending clear signs of danger related to water.

That is a more than unhealthy development. It is against most dogs' natural behavior and interest of exploring lakes and rives swimming (not just standing in the shallow water and watching).

Yes, of course there are breeds, that are less attracted by water and are hesitant to swim.

BUT every dog should learn how to swim, regardless of whether it will develop into a swimming freak or not. Swimming is key not only to fun, it can also be decisive for a dog to survive in case of emergency, when there is no leash, no dog parent, but only tons of water he or she needs to float with or get out of.

That said, if you have a puppy that doesn't know how to swim, PLEASE dedicate some time and effort to developing the skill. Your pet will be grateful and you will be calmer when approaching lakes or rivers.

You can do so by leading by example, e.g. you swim with your dog. Mine love to do that ever since I showed them when they were puppies.

Taking them for swimming with a group of other dogs can also do the job.

Or you just book a swimming course with an experienced trainer, willing to take them out into natures they can experience the feeling of touching stones or sand in water.


For further inspiration and motivation

CLICK the pic and enjoy Mascarpone's latest, groovy swim moves in a Bavarian lake

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