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Poodles - there should be more of them

This is a tribute to all poodles!

When I started taking my first Lagotto Romagnolo Coco to classes, we were in a group that also hosted two poodles. For privacy reasons we will not mention their names, but really want to make a point about how much we miss them, as they have stopped joining classes a while ago.

Coco and I think that poodles are among the most intelligent breeds. They learn quickly, they remember and they do it all enjoying.. At the same time, they can be very stubborn, which makes them ultimate charmers.

Looking around in our area there are only a few of them and it seems that they are no longer en vogue, which is a true pity. Yesterday, we made a day trip to a Bavarian lake area, where we met a lot of dogs, but again not one poodle. Have they gone out of ,fashion'? If there is any kind of fashion for dog love.....What is your opinion? Where are? Text us!!

Here are some of our favorite pics of our two Tyrolean poodle friends (guys, when you see this, text us too, we would love to meet again)


It is all about balance

Direction matters

I am seriously serious

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