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Lagotto Romagnolo Calendars // Wuffclick-pic EUROPE editions

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Dear followers,

upon special request we are summarizing all our Lagotto Romagnolo calendars published to date and available for ordering for European markets.

My two fur babies are Lagottos, they are featuring in most of the pics and keep me growing year by year.

In addition, many of our photos will take you to pure nature. This is where we shoot mostly.

You will find snow, water, mountains, woods, lakes and rivers and all seasons.

The relevant links are included in the photos above and again listed below for your convenience.

Just click either/or and enjoy, the publishing platform will also provide the links to other ordering platforms ->






SPECIAL EDITION Ice & cookies; https://www.calvendo.net/de/galerie/eis--kekse---fuer-fellnasen-gourmets?size=PA2&type=KAL

Hope you will love to have our calendars on your wall.

These doggie views will give you a kick-start into each day. .


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