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EatSMALL or how to make a big difference

Dear dog lovers, Wuffclick-pic friends and followers,

It has been a while that our human was thinking about finding a true alternative for meat in canine nutrition. And with the help of friends - Bettina and Martin from Hundeschule Tirol - she has discovered eatSMALL dry food with insect protein/power.

Coco and I told her to hold her horses (don't like the saying, should be dogs, anyway....) and not to post anything before we will have tasted the stuff for a couple of weeks. So that has been done and here is our summary.


b) crunchy, endlessly yummy - we can't wait for the next bowl

c) digestion and biorhythm both lovely

d) we drink a bit more, but guess that's normal when you come from 100% BARF feeding

Our menu sequence in the course of a week is the following:

- 2-3 days eatSMALL (Great!!)

- 2 days veggie (like barfing, substituting the meat part with lentils or so. OK but second choice)

- 2 days classic barf feeding (fine but boring :-))

Treats for training homemade or eatSMALL as well. We do anything for these heavenly bites.

Side effects: happiness, health & less tins. Needless to mention our contribution to increasing consumer power against meat consumption.

So a clear pawns up, try yourselves and JOIN THE EATSMALL WELL BEING!


Coco, Mascarpone & ghostwriter

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