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Dear followers,

Thanks for checking on this blog.

Most of you will already be familiar with my work via my website and social media.

In the background of all these visible activities though, something very nice has developed.

Have you ever experienced that you start something new, step on a path that you think will be a straight one, only to find out quickly that there are so many side roads, which call your attention and open the way to new endeavors?

Well, been there done that.

I have grown into photography with my dogs. It has been love at first sight, followed by other loves at second sight, through which we share our life and lovely experiences with a broader audience (e.g. calendars, canvas prints and puzzles)

Then one day, I sat down at the computer and started writing a book, Good night tales for winter narrated by Coco and Mascarpone 😇, followed by Good night tales for spring.

The fur babies have decided to publish every season. So what can I do? LOL.

And there is more....my first novel and another two novels being work in progress.

Book 1 is called Weißer Schnee (White Snow) published recently 🎉 on Epubli, Amazon and many other online stores

Book 2 will be called Schwarzer Mohn (Black Poppy)

Book 3 Brauner Sand (Brown Sand)

They will tell the story of a family in Europe - from different angles - one of a million that saw a similar fate in the 19th and 20th century. Still it is worthwhile to tell it, again and again.

My novels are meant to remind us, that we must not forget nor allow history to repeat itself.

They are also mirror of how distant people can be even if there is love, of what life was like for women not too long ago and of what we run after in today's world, until we hopefully better sooner than later realize it is high time to live.

These novels are a heart project and I hope they will reach many other hearts.

If you don't like reading, skip my book blogs.

If you like reading, read!!! 💙📘🤓

For now the novels will be edit in German. English editions will largely depend on the demand and sale figures to support the translations :-))

Stay tuned for updates on the pending two books and of course, if you read the first book, I will love to hear your feedback!

Cheers & have a lovely day,


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