• Petra

Our stunning friends AWWWWW

Good evening everybody,

Winter has taken over up here in the doggie dwarf mountains.

And to inaugurate it, we had a first fun snow party with our friends Ronja, Duffy and Finn (all babies of our super duper teacher).

This blog is to say 'thank you for being our friends', you are all beautiful inside out!!

The rest is in the pictures, just click and enjoy.

Yours Coco and Mascarpone

PS: and yes, Ronja is the shy little girl from Abruzzo, whom you met in another blog last year. She is now a big girl and tons of fun.....and if you look at her face you can see a bit of Lagotto on her nose and in her smile.

#dogsinnature #happydogs #dogsinthesnow #doggiedwarfmountains

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