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New leash policy in Leutasch....here we come! Or....is it really us, who need training?

Okidoki friends,

Not a very funny topic that new leash policy in our valley, trust me.

But whenever the going gets tough, you better unpack your sense of humor and keep on going.

So here is a blog from our Tuesday fun class (small doggies).

Normally we are trained in a big, fenced area. But the new leash policy is apparently changing the training setup of our beloved teacher Bettina. I think she is preparing us for that weird, real world outside of our little paradise.

So yesterday, we stepped out of that heaven to a close bus station and public toilet facilities - disgusting - to train

- waiting for the bus (unleashed*)

- waiting while our humans have a sanity break (unleashed*)

- stay for a looooooong time, in a group, seated or up (unleashed*)

* note: OMG, have humans forgotten there is a fine on that???

There we sat like little angels, for as long as our humans wanted it.

None ran away, though unleashed, non of us attacked anyone, none of us p....d or p....d next to the bus station or other public places. No barking, just some chats between us.

All of us were super bored and we sincerely ask all these dog expert decision makers


- CAN'T YOU THINK OF A MORE CREATIVE WAY OF BRANDING THE AREA, e.g. make it a unique, dog-friendly place, a spot-to-be. That is a marketing niche in today's environment!!

End of message, full story from the yawning pawns on our website.

Simply click the pic.

Our alert for Leutasch as a not truly dog-friendly area unfortunately remains unchanged.



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