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To the place I (still) live in...Leutasch - comments on new leash policy and a few suggestions

I have been thinking if it is worthwhile to waste time on a blog like this....IT IS!

To start with. Leutasch is a quiet tiny hamlet close to Seefeld, approx. 35 min from Innsbruck. Tyrolean homeland so-to-say. I have lived here for 8 years, some of that with my dog(s). While we have never had the overwhelming feeling of being truly welcome - with a few exceptions - the environment is now turning increasingly against the quality of life we have been seeking by moving to this spot.

Here is why.

New teams leading the community are always eager to get things done and to the ground. At the end of the day it is all about showing who is in command, right? Among the first 'fruits of labor' is the new leash policy for the valley -> link


Well, what can we say?

First of all, thank you so much for 1.5 kilometers of run free area in a hidden side valley that in winter has absolutely no sun, with a path next to a mostly iced river. Dogs just love to be deep frozen while they walk, so do their humans.

That path will also be a hell of fun in summer, because as the municipality may remember, we had reported the existence of poisoning snakes exactly along this path, type black crested otter


A bite is lethal for any dog....let alone small children. -> no warning signs have been installed.

You may want to give your dogs' policy a second thought, the current setup will fire back both in terms of local residents and tourists.

Ever thought of win/win setups for all parties? No? Get a marketing consultancy involved to design a proper concept for summer/winter vacation, dogs included!

At the same time, as a loyal resident and tax payer we are wondering how come that other truly burning issues are not being addressed by any of your measures/rules to be obeyed.

We have taken our precious time to summarize the most outstanding ones THAT REQUIRE YOUR URGENT ATTENTION AND ACTION ->

- Rural teenagers touring the forests off road on their motorbikes without any respect for hikers, at an incredible speed and arrogance. You can find them everywhere, unexpectedly and reckless.

--> calls for a clear policy with high fines, as they endanger people and destroy nature!

- A fancy climbing area by the river, direction Ahrn to Unterleutasch, which is a good thing as such, but there is no toilette close to the spot. So climbers - an admittedly stressed species with little time - find their solution in the bushes at the shore of the adjacent river. Of course, nobody worries about cleaning up the mess. So that pollutes the river, is a potential source of infection and attracts all sorts of animals. --> what is your cleaning and hygiene policy? (hoping for winter to solve the problem is not a solution, install people boxes like the ones you have for dogs ;-))

- In general your woods are full of people (not dog!) SH......., that includes toilet papers. --> what is your cleaning and hygiene policy? (same as above)

- Several local dogs belonging to farmers / country estates cruising the valley with no owner nor company in sight, on main roads but also offroad.

--> Different policy for different dogs?

- Hunters' dogs: I assume they are not falling under the policy because they hold a training certificate issued by a certified (hunting) dog school, that qualifies them for unleashed activity? --> or again, different policy for different dogs?

As you can see you have made our day .... and the (hopefully counted) days that we still call this our home.

To all my followers and dogs lovers I am connected with, please consider these facts when planning a stay/holiday in Leutasch and surroundings!

I personally have stopped promoting the area, there are other places in the Alps and beyond where the mind and heart for dogs is wider.


Suspected pesticide use by some farmers to boost hay production - REALLY!? So how green and natural is the holiday area you are promoting as a clean one?

And again no actions being taken??

#leashpolicy #Leutaschdogunfriendly #carefulwalks

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