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The look of love.....take a minute, it's worth it


Dear friends and followers,

Yesterday I went hiking in one of my favorite valleys in Südtirol, Fischleintal/Sexten. The plan was 'nothing big', just an easy walk.

But then the day turned into an adorable, emotional journey with this lovely couple.

When hiking up they would suddenly catch up and walk with me for a while. They asked where I was from and my response 'from Tirol' broke all the ice, if there ever was any.

I looked into those warm eyes and beautiful faces, and listened to what they said like to a fairytale. He told me he was taking his 'girl' to the Alm for dancing, as they usually do the Sunday after the local farmers close the summer season in the mountains, and that they were looking forward to it so very much.

First I thought he was pulling my leg a bit, but then.......come on in and see yourselves.

All photos were of course taken with their permission.

I have been around the world, but have hardly seen a couple dance and look at each other like this. Everything they did seemed so natural, every move was made with care, every look filled with even more.

And frankly, I think I have never had a man look at me like this gentleman looks at his lady after apparently quite some years together.


I will always remember this day and shall try to locate you via the tourism office in Sexten. You have to have your photos!

And to all, who blindly run and compete for what we consider important today, stop and think for a moment, it may also be worthwhile.

P.S.: and yes, their hearts still beat for where their roots have been, but also in a joyful and peaceful way. When we parted, he said 'and remember 'Tirol isch lei oans''.

So this is also a blog against political hate, extremes and the consequences of it.

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