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Motivation Monday for Wuffclickpic

Dear friends,

we usually don't speak a lot about ourselves, we just publish our happiness on Facebook and Instagram.

But today marks a milestone for us, a point we never thought we would ever get to and which to be frank has not been planned as it is coming our way now until recently.

Today we have officially gained formal thumbs up for the European version of Lagotto Romagnolo in the Alps CALENDAR by CALVENDO, a professional platform offering access to a broad variety of outlets from bookstore chains to Amazon etc.

In addition, several calendar photos have passed the quality criteria for publication as WALLPAPERS and two pics will be reaching the market as PUZZLES.

Needless to say we are beyond happy!

Thumbs up today means it will take some weeks until all products will become visible online. We will send another shout-out once everything will be in place.

Meanwhile please stay tuned & yes, we will love you put us on your calendar for 2019!! :-))

Cheers and nose kisses,

Coco, Mascarpone & ghostwriter

#LagottoRomagnolo #Calendar2019 #wuffclickpic

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