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Cross Dogging - my first experience

Dear friends,

somehow these first flames of passion for dog photography are turning into a kind of bush fire.

Those of you following my blogs have been able to see how I have gone from Coco and Mascarpone topics into many other new settings of dog shooting.

And if you asked me which I liked most the only answer I have is ALL the same.

Working with dogs is one of the most rewarding endeavors I have even been involved in.

So here is a new topic CROSS DOGGING, with lovely pets and their mums and dads (later ones not showing for privacy reasons ;-)).

Starring: Jolene and Paris, Amy and Oros - a German/Swiss mixed gang, that had a lot of fun as you will see flipping the pages in the blog.

Last but not least, my repeated thanks to Bettina Specht/Hundeschule Tirol, who is inviting me to all these courtesy shootings and thus helps me build a special and broad collection of dog pictures, which speak for themselves.....I hope.

Come in, ENJOY and have a nice evening,


#IrishRedSetter #Hovawart #Vizsla

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