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It's a long way to STAY

Man, I am in a hurry! It is Thursday and my human being has had such bad time management that our Tuesday class photos are not yet out to where they belong .... TO YOU!

The gang you know, all of us have been starring before. The exercise is new.....STAY IN A GROUP!

It obviously took us some time to first calm down our humans.

Dear humans, please realize dog ears are very sensitive, notice the most silent noise and 5 humans eagerly (polite version) talking to us at the same time is like Metallica live in concert at 1cm distance to us.

So after a while our two-legged guests would calm down and guess what, our flow started.

Come in and see yourselves, meet the STAY MASTERCLASS at Hundeschule Tirol/Leutasch.

Oh forgot, guys and babes I all love you to the moon and back (and Emma to the moon again).

Yours, Mascarpone

http://petrasaf253.wixsite.com/it-is-a-long-way-1 or just click the pic.

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