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1, 2, 3.....let dogs be free!! Meet Aramis

Hello friends,

Well, what can we say.....

Last Friday our human being announced that we would leave lovely Italy and head homewards. The mere idea of leaving behind the sun and beaches to go back to the snow really depressed us.

But when we crossed Brennero late at night - because Mum had to stop several times for one last yummy espresso - we could smell that something had changed out there....a scent of fresh green and FANGO entertained our noses.

And that was fully confirmed on Sunday!! Actually even better than we had ever imagined. The tons of snow had melted quickly without the soil being ready to take up all the water. So where we usually run on green meadows we now find big lakes, just deep enough to have speed fun and get dirty all over. IT IS A DOG'S PARADISE!!

On top of that we met a new friend, ARAMIS, 1 year old and a true fun guy.

So click the pic and join the water party!

Yours...wuff....Coco and Mascarpone

PS: we told Mum to tell the world that this is how dogs should be. Of course, we know it can't be like this all the time, but as a dog lover make sure your sweetie has a chance to enjoy such moments regularly. This is how we are, this is what we love and if you give it to us, it will all be coming back to you!!

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