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Summer in Tyrol!!! Gracias a grandes ideas de 🇪🇸

When it‘s has been snowy, grey, dull and freezing for too long and your prayers for spring are not leading to anything, YOU BETTER MOVE! 😃

That is what we did. We are now a proud customer of crowd farming Naranjas del Carmen/Spain and a soon-to-be owner of an orange tree, to be planted in the next weeks and named .... Coco & Mascarpone 🎄😇.

Until our own fruits will be harvested, we can order a certain quantity of fresh and organic oranges 🍊🍊 AND THE FIRST DELIVERY JUST ARRIVED, together with some honey and olive oil.

I of course had to taste the 🍊 immediately, so that was lunch and THEY ARE SO YUMMY!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Exactly the spring boost I need.

As I can‘t eat all we ordered, some kilos will go to frozen orange/red pepper/ginger marmelade (pics to follow).

Coco & Mascarpone have fully approved the project and today told me they wanna go and see their tree (...& p....says our boy 😂). So need to figure out how to get that arranged one day.

So far so good, guess that is the highlight of our day -> check out their website, these are the ideas we need, GREAT CONCEPT, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

🇪🇸 venimos 😁


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