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Doses of noses......sniffing pieces of art

There are so many beautiful spots on a dog, right?

So, where to start?

Yes, with the part that literally sticks out most and is of fatal attraction to most dog owners.....


I have been flipping pages in a quiet moment and seeing all those wonderful brownish, black, pinky, dotted and so on parts had to put together a little kick-off collection for a blog, that will be the start of a new special topic on our website.

Dog noses will be one of my focus areas in the shootings to come and there will be a special album on our site for presenting the beauties we come across.

So what is special about this blog then?

It is the stand-alone picture at the beginning, showing Coco's nose in the middle of opening up to sniff and to explore.

It has been the first and only time so far I have been able to capture that moment of a dog's nose opening for action.

We see a piece of art and a little wonder.......not because it is my dog.....


More to come on the 'nose front' soon......stay tuned!

Have a great Tuesday full of nice scents :-))

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