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Short hair, don't care

TG Friday is over, friends!

We could already feel something was going to happen when we had to have a bath on Thursday (2 x shampoo and conditioner!), followed by a 5-star dinner and lots of strokes and kisses on the sofa.

The day after, breakfast was extra yummy, the weather just right to go back to bed afterwards and we were allowed to do so......SUPER STRANGE and suspicious.

There we snored, in the middle of sweet pancake and banana (we actually like both) dreams, when we realized that the sound of preparing scissors was not part of our dream.

So it began, first Coco, honestly such a baby when it comes to trimming, LOL.

Then me, nothing to write home about, a man is a man.

All in all, a 2-hour movie (Mum is still a beginner), but at the end as you can see in the slide show a super smiling Coco and us speed playing to enjoy our new lightness.

There also seems to be a plan for our cut hair.....we will see.

Mum, wanna say something? Yes....go ahead.

We tried external trimming for a while, never 100% satisfied from a Lagotto perspective, so decided to get our own equipment and learn it.

Our scissors and shampoo/conditioner are from Sasha Riess Company, our machine is a Moser.

After testing and probing for a while - poor Coco undergoing the trial and error phase - we trim with the machine twice a year (spring and autumn) and with scissors whenever necessary (usually after 4-6 weeks).

We do not use a special but a simple portable garden desk they are familiar with, I also don't fix the dog but cut them in whatever natural position the stand or sit. Our little man has moments when he falls asleep during the process, which is gorgeous. I can twist and turn his legs and reach spots he would not let me touch him so easily when he is awake.

I personally feel that home grooming is less stressful not only for the dog, you can make it fun and sometimes even relaxation (depends on the dog).

Last note: we don't use a hair drier either, they dry on the sofa or in the sun....happily.

Some of you may find one or the other approach we take a bit special, but this is how it works for us. Mountain animals are different, you know. :-)

Wuff, need to run, schooooooool is waiting and we will look sooooo posh today!

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