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BIG is beautiful.....Malamuts

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

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I have so far taken photos of many breeds, mostly small to mid-sized dogs.

So this was my first time with two rather large, young (11 months), energy loaded big dogs in so-to-say one cage, our training course at Hundeschule Tirol/Leutasch.

I approached the shooting with a lot of respect. The two beauties, called Neo and Lucy, are 3 times the weight and size of my Lagotti.....but the ice was melting so quickly that I hardly would know which pic to take first.

Neo and Lucy turned out to be friendly, cuddly, calm and were joyfully posing. We had never met before, but somehow dealt with each other like we had.

And when I look into the eyes in the picture above I still feel like she is saying 'hey, you like me and I like you.....we made it respectful fun from the very beginning, didn't we'!

(Anything humans can learn from that? :-)))

I did, thank you for the wonderful experience.

.....and hope to see you again, some day, some time....for some more awesome pics.

My key learning from this one is: let the dogs guide you to the best shots, forced shootings never lead to a result even close to good.

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