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4-pawn YOGA .... groovy, baby

jump right in and see our first yoga shots.....wuff, click the pic.

Lovely morning folks,

Being true outdoor lovers, we clearly prefer nature with a nice view and fresh air as our gym.

For this session we went on a little hill overseeing the Inn valley direction Switzerland.

As you can see, we are very inventive in finding different positions, new angles, twist and turns. Our clothing was admittedly not the best for yoga, at these temperatures the pyjamas are a must though. In spring and summer our photos will come with nothing on but our curls ;-)), promised.

Of course, we do not recommend you try all the positions you see, that we can hold (remember we are only 9 months/2.5 years old and as such super elastic).

However, we believe there is one exercise humans should practise every day, hold for at least 2 minutes, with eyes closed and speaking the mantra 'I love my dog(s)' ---> it is


(in your case 2 pawns, 2 hands LOL, repeat at least 3 times)

It will take away all your stress, lower your blood pressure and relax you completely.

And while you OHM, we have all the time to .......ROCK THE HOUSE ;-)

Happy Sunday, Coco & Mascarpone

#doggieyoga #stayhealthy #alpinesnowyoga #dogsinnature

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