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Perfect doggie harmony, but no one-stop-shop....

Hello everyone,

again my turn, frankly the only true expert in this house for doggie subjects.

Today we will look a bit at diversity, one of THE topics in the world of our humans.

To start with, please click the pic above and enjoy have our harmony collection.

Ain't this great? Two dogs with their pawns, tails and noses pointing into the same direction, always in perfect synchronization and harmony!!

Those of you who have more than one dog know this is not reality....and the rest, wake up now and don't think about getting two of us because of these pics :-))))

In fact, Mascarpone and I are sooooooooo different. We knew when we first met, it is just Mum who is on a constant learning curve - LOL - and here are some examples:

> Sleeping: me for ours and always adjusted to Mum's schedule, Mascarpone up with daylight and joyfully bouncing around.. and on us

> Barking: me not one bark until I found out it is fun, Mascarpone would teach me. Now we announce the potential arrival of birds, flies, snowflakes, remote cars....in other words virtually everything ..... a HUGE change for Mum

> Cuddling: me if I like, Mascarpone ALWAYS

> Eating: I indulge like a lady, Mascarpone is a vac cleaner when it comes to food

> Taking care of stuff that does not belong to us: me careful, Mascarpone stress testing all objects (no survivors)

> Interest in the other gender: I don't care at all (a bit like Mum!? - LOL), Mascarpone currently flooded by first hormones, hits the road whenever he can. That is probably the most striking difference, that will keep us busy for a while.

Bottom-line: we are just as diverse and different as humans


And Mum, a few words to you: fair job so far, keep on improving ..... we know you love us, guess we love you too....somehow.

THE END and happy beginning of a great day

#harmony #lagotto #calm #peace

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