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Three is a crowd...Italian charms at work

Hey there, today I am in the lead on the photos and of writing :-).

I am almost 9 months old now and have somehow started to feel the magic of girls....only a little (Mum thinks).

At school I am not the tallest, but I always find a Lagotto way to enchant the ladies and am not scared by bigger guys like the one you see on today's pics. I admittedly still have to learn a lot, but for my age I think this is a great start and if with time I get a bit softer and empathetic for what girls need, that together with my green eyes could end up in a quiet appealing combination.

Ok, agree, I also have to improve on how to stay modest ...... wuff or bau as they say in Italy.

Cheers for today, your Mascarpone

#dogs #snow #playing #lagotto

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