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Facebook is Friendsbook

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Good morning world,

Mum is in the shower, Mascarpone not old enough to blog, so this one is mine.

Honestly, we are Internet and Facebook toddlers and only started posting and joining groups about 2 years ago, when I have come to brighten up Mum's life :-)).

Ever since things have happened like an avalanche, with little things moving at the beginning and then.....BOOM..... many Lagotto and dog groups, buying a camera and starting the click click business, opening an Instagram account and then our website. So now we are everywhere and WE LOVE IT.

Our increased web presence has opened our mind and we have virtually met awesome people around the globe, whom we wouldn't have come across in ‚normal life‘ (also, Mascarpone and I don't fly :-)). Some of out Italian friends and family are already part of this site and we have of course met in person and 'pawns'.

This weekend a very handsome guy from Switzerland made all the way to our Tyrolean mountains!!!

SO COME ON IN AND MEET KUNO (1 year old like myself, a true stunner...my heart is still bouncing...).

In our world and optimistic view FACEBOOK IS FRIENDSBOOK, thank you for that.

And now I need breakfast 😇🐶.

Yours Coco

(...regarding the dark and dirty sides of FB - we simply ignore them or cancel/block who darkens our bright view of things :-))

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