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Doggie Valentine - say it with cookies

Happy Valentine Coco and Mascarpone!!

Yes, it is only tomorrow, we gonna avoid the crowd ;-)

As you don't care about flowers, diamonds nor dinner in a fancy restaurant here is my special treat for you. And thanks for being by my side in the kitchen all the time, while this stuff was mixed and baking ..... I know the smell was a torture.

a) Chicken liver pyramides

250 gr raw chicken liver (or hearts), 50 oat flakes, 3 eggs, 100 gr potato flower, fresh oregano, 2 little spoon Chia seeds, 50 gr fresh cheese or Greek yoghurt.

Mix in a blender until creamy, spread in the pyramid form, bake at 190 C for about 30 min.

b) Fruity cheese pyramids

180-200 gr Brie, 1 mid-sized pear, curcuma powder, 2-3 eggs, 80 gr potato flower, 50 gr almonds. Prepare and bake as listed in a)

Note: depending on the type of cheese and potato flower you use, the consistency of the mass may vary. I usually let it rest for 5 mins after blending, if it is to sticky to enter the pyramid holes in the form, I add some egg white. If it is too liquid, some more potato flower does the job.

Backing forms available at Amazon.

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