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It needs two to tango....it is all about socialization

A few lines on a topic, that cannot get enough attention I think.....SOCIALIZATION of your pet(s).

I always thought it is a given and that all dog lovers prepare well to ensure their puppies are socialized as they should be in the first months of their life (and preferably beyond). Unfortunately, I overestimated that a bit.

I agree most dog owners make an effort in getting their dogs used to a variety of situations as they occur in daily life (e.g. welcome guests, drive in a bus, walk in town, meet the vet etc.).

What doesn't weigh into the equation as it should is meeting as many of your doggie folks as you can, if possible during a normal walk, including fun.....with dog owners keeping themselves at a noble distance and letting the interaction flow.

Mascarpone, Coco and I think this should be happening more often.

So this is a shout-out to all dog owners to look for places and situations where 'free' socialization is possible.

These encounters are moments of pure joy, for your dogs and for you.

You will see them dance!!

....and a lot of these movements remind me of tango.....the most intimate way of dancing love.

For impressions of Mascarpone's most recent socialization event please visit our website

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