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Barf feeding - we love it!

I think my red line in dog nutrition is pretty representative of what happens to all of us, who want the best for their four pawns.

We started with different types of dry and canned food, adding veggies, fruits (limited amount) and nutritional supplements. We have tried many top brands, all were ok until.........COCO's fur would not look that nice anymore and she started gaining weight (partially also the result of less exercise during Mascarpone's baby time)

That made me talk to our friend Bettina Specht (Hundeschule Tirol) about switching both dogs to barf feeding and when would be the best moment to do so. We started the planning in September and switched them to the new diet when Mascarpone was 6 months old.

After almost 8 weeks of raw feeding here is what we can already say at this stage:

- they both absolutely love it (pots are super clean :-)). The mix of meats and

veggies/fruits varies a lot, whatever I give them they find it tasty

- after initial adjustment (1-2 weeks) their digestion is just perfect

- they fur is growing stronger, faster and more brilliant

- Coco is almost back to her 'pre-Mascarpone' shape

We think barf feeding is awesome!

NOTE: as quantity and mix depend on the dog's weight and individual needs, it is strongly recommend to seek guidance from a certified expert in dog nutrition!

We are not, but are planning to collect our recipes and will share them every now and then in our blog. So stay tuned & have a lovely day!!

Fotos: left - unmixed, right - mixed.

Today's menu: beef, carrot/pea/apple mousse, potato flakes, olive oil, calcium bicarbonate

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