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What a dude will do when he is really into you....the faces of dogs playing naturally

To start with, this is our first blog and Mascarpone - the cream colored little guy in the photo - wants to dedicate it to something he is worried about, despite his young age (7 months).....to DOGS PLAYING as they should, without human intervention.

On our walks we meet a lot of dogs, that are not free to run or play. They are kept 'on the safe side', on the leash and many times are pulled away if another dog comes closer in the attempt to play. We fully understand there may be justified reasons for not being able to play like a recent operation or illness. There are also days, when a dog is just not in the mood.

But mostly it is not the dog, it is the owner, who is hesitant and unsure of what will happen.......because WE DON'T DO THIS OFTEN OR AT ALL, we are afraid something may happen and so on.

As a consequence many people are no longer familiar with normal facial expressions of a dog in different situations.

This is also why often fotos showing dogs playing naturally are seen as showing an aggressive or attacking dog.

On my website you will find a number of pictures with dogs engaged in playing and fun, with friends but also dogs we have met for the first time. The faces you will see do show their teeth, focus their eyes, convey high alertness and so on, but most of all NONE OF THESE FACES HAVE BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED IN A MOMENT OF AGGRESSION BUT ONLY JOY.

We hope that flipping our pages and fotos will help people recalibrate their perception of aggressiveness in a dog and open some eyes for the beauty we find in moments, when we let dogs be dogs.

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