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Same person, same face........

While dog photography will always be top of my creative endeauvors, it has led me into other fields of creativity, that I have started enjoy very much.


These are 

- the publication of our photos in calendars, photo books, eBooks

- the writing of children books, mainly bedtime stories, told by Coco and Mascarpone

- the start of a novel triology with the first book published in February 2019 and the other two books to follow in due course. 

It is a very exciting journey of which I don't know where it will take me. I just know that all I am doing feels good and keeps me going for more. That is how it should be, it is the only rewarding way of putting efforts into businesses, products or services. So follow me on that path!

Editing languages:

- Calendars & photography books (including ebooks) : German and English versions available

- Print books like bedtime stories and novel: for the time being in German exclusively. Once market pull calls for English versions we will go for translations, after a successful start-up period with enough payback to support the exercise of going broader. 

All website publishing will continue to be in English. My friends, customers and loves :-)) are global, so is English. Thanks for your understanding. 

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